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Vogue: Beyond Airbnb: 9 Luxe Hotels That Cater to House Lovers

Oct 15 2018

At the end of 2017, Airbnb was on track to break 100 million stays per year. With its wide range of enticing,occasionally eccentric, abodes—not to mention affordability—travelers have quickly warmed to the idea of bypassing the formulaic, box-like hotel room in favor of something more charismatic.

Now, hotels are finally catching up. New, off-menu hotel options are popping up everywhere from California to Ireland. The common theme? Luxe, immaculately designed spaces. Access to traditional hotel amenities. And best of all, a heightened sense of privacy. And, let’s face it: having a home inside a hotel certainly has its perks. These hybrid hotel-homes combine the laid-back domesticity of an apartment with the shiny gleam of a penthouse suite. It’s the best of both worlds, really. Here are a few of our favorites.

A bedroom at a Lido House cottage

Lido House

Newport Beach, CA

A new hotel in Newport Beach, California is drawing travelers away from hectic Los Angeles and down the coast to leisurely, low-key Orange County.Lido House, which opened in April of this year, has a crisp, nautical theme to its breezy lobby and 130 guest rooms. But it’s the private “cottages”—that word is used in the figurative sense, as these are actually massive, three-story townhouses—that are causing the biggest stir.

Each 2- or 3-bedroom “cottage” features a unique layout by a different local designer, giving the spaces a homey, yet polished feel. Gleaming kitchens, mosaic tile showers, and rooftop decks (with fireplaces!) are just a few of the reasons you’ll want to upgrade your stay from a regular hotel room to these 1,500 square foot private residences.


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