Asset Management

Having spent 10 years in hotel management, our VP of Asset Management has hands on experience with what it takes to successfully operate hotels. We have been on both sides of the table. We take a long term view of increasing shareholder value by focusing on a balanced scorecard. We drive Net Operating Income (NOI), Guest Satisfaction and Associate Satisfaction by attracting, retaining and supporting superior talent through a humble, grateful and encouraging approach.

Our track record is that premium management talent has preferred to work at our hotels as they are drawn to the quality product and feel recognized and valued by ownership for their excellent results. We leverage the value our active new pipeline in prime locations provides the brands to receive top priority from the management team in each market. Our experience in opening new hotels has allowed us to build a best in class ramp-up strategy for our new hotels, maximizing NOI as quickly as possible, by utilizing best practices in sales, marketing, revenue management and operations.

We recognize that our management operating partners are vital to our success and we are committed to a strong working relationship with the best in the business. We are in regular dialogue with our operating teams and apply their ground level ideas for improvement into each new deal we develop.