Our Approach


R.D. Olson Development is a Newport Beach, California-based firm engaged in the development and repositioning of commercial properties nationwide. The company was built on the principles of providing what the marketplace demands, maintaining clear focus on the end user, and delivering creative solutions and profitable ventures and developments.

R.D. Olson Development has an established reputation, winning Marriott’s Partnership Circle Award in 2015, as well as being named the Marriott Hotel Developer of the Year in 2014, 2016 and 2017. R.D. Olson Development is recognized for its ability to identify and act on opportunities, delivering solid execution through all phases of design and development while maintaining focus on the business strategy and the bottom line.

Robert D. Olson formed the company in 1997 following nearly 20 years as founder and CEO of R.D. Olson Construction. Mr. Olson guides the strategic vision for R.D. Olson Development with an active, hands-on approach toward every facet of construction and development. The success of the company is also attributed to a staff of dedicated employees who place a high value on integrity and have the experience to excel in the industry.


We view development as a creative process and our ultimate goal is to make each new project stand out among the rest—to create places people want to be.  Our dedicated team and decades of experience in the commercial real estate industry enable R.D. Olson Development to move a project through all development phases—obtaining entitlements and approvals, planning, designing, and building—quickly and efficiently.

Our formula for success is based on a business strategy of locating some of the best sites with high barriers to entry in select markets around the U.S.  We are able to closely evaluate markets and capitalize on development opportunities to maximize income potential. The services we offer include:

Real Estate Opportunities

Determined to “Create Value” early in the process, R.D. Olson Development begins by locating excellent real estate opportunities. Understanding the current hotel market conditions, debt and equity pricing and availability, current lodging asset values and hotel development costs and scheduling, R.D.Olson Development pinpoints market opportunities for its own investment and select clients.

Investment Analysis

R.D. Olson Development’s in-house financial team provides detailed investment analyses and business models on prospective development projects. Starting with market supply and demand, the hotel development costs are analyzed against the projected net operating income to determine the unleveraged and leveraged return on investment. This is then analyzed against our equity hurdle rates to determine if a project is worthwhile.


R.D.Olson Development’s experience of bringing hospitality development projects from the conceptual stage to completion is second to none. Enjoying an excellent reputation for quality and performance with numerous city planning departments, R.D. Olson Development’s projects are given serious consideration when presented.


R.D.Olson Development selects and manages the design and engineering consultant team that is best suited for each individual project. A team that is both competitive and has the resources available to commit to the project is selected for each development project. Having worked with essentially all architects and designers in the lodging industry, R.D.Olson Development has the resources necessary for every type of development.


With construction as its roots, R.D. Olson Development has become one of the best construction managers in the hospitality business. R.D. Olson Development works as a team leader to bring the constructors, architects, designers, FF&E contractors and the many vendors together to ensure a well-orchestrated process. Meeting budgets and time frames are the hallmarks of R.D. Olson Construction.

Hotel Opening

One of the most critical points in the hospitality development process is the final turnover of the property to the hotel management. R.D. Olson Development understands the importance of accommodating the management and operations of the property so that hiring, training, vendor negotiations, final guest room setup, food and beverage operations and marketing can be coordinated with the final completion and turnover of the property.

Asset Management

The management of the asset, separate from the hotel management, is crucial for the property owners. Ensuring the team is on target for strategic and marketing goals and making necessary changes as required is critical to meeting the owner’s return on investment goals. R.D. Olson Development has the experience working with the nation’s top hotel flags and managers in meeting these goals.


R.D. Olson Development’s team is experienced in the ultimate divestiture of hotel assets, where a significant portion of the investment’s value is realized. The relationships in the brokerage community and reputation for development of quality product allows for R.D. Olson Development to maximize value upon exit.